A pro-domme is usually defined as a person who prefers to be dominant in bed and enjoys giving in to dominant fantasies and desires. A domme, unlike a submissive partner, does not often have to share the position of “top” with her partner. A domme may also be of any gender, but her preference doesn’t necessarily restrict the genders of her male submissive partners either.

So what is a pro-domme? She is the one who schedules the sixty-minute or ninety-minute service barter scenes. She is the one who calls the shots and makes sure that all elements of the scene are in place before she has even had the chance to engage in actual sex. She is also the one who winds up having the most fun during the session because she is the only one with whose voice and touch she is most comfortable. This is because she is the one with whom she is “booked.”

The scene can be used in a variety of different ways depending on who is calling the shots. One common scenario is when a wife wants to spank her husband for not being sexually attentive enough. She may not be able to actually bring it up in the moment, because she knows that her husband will not be ready for that sort of conversation. She therefore has to make sure that she has some “cover” up work done before she gets into the mood. She can ask her friend to come over so that she can show her friend how to use the doggie paddle and the other sex toy and offer to help her friend practice on her. This way, she will have a ready body and face to “book” the scene.

Another way a pro-domme can use a service barter approach is to set up a scene for her lover. If she knows that he will be away on business for a certain period of time she can use the time to her advantage and setup a totally convenient and romantic service barter service. This is where she gets to go to the store and pick up an item for her man, to cook a special meal for him, to give him a massage, or to do anything else that will leave her lover thinking that she planned the whole thing herself.

To make the process as legitimate as possible, she will need to make sure that all the items given to her are edible. If they are not then the exchange will be considered as simply as shoplifting. A service barter business can be very tricky if the items given out are not edible but something like flowers, expensive movies, jewelry, perfume, and other non-edible gifts are very common. A woman that thinks about these factors when getting services will be very likely to come out on top.

The next consideration that a pro-domme will have to make is that she wants to make sure that her lover will feel special. If she gives him flowers and food and doesn’t take care to mention that she took him to a spa or to a masseuse then she will end up having a very difficult time convincing her lover that he is the only person in the room. The pro-domme will want to make sure that the service is truly for him and that it was his idea. Otherwise, she could very easily end up with a disgruntled client or ex-employee. All she will need to do is to tell him about her service and let him choose whether or not he likes it.

Of course, it will not be easy for a pro-domme to get her way with a client or ex-employee. If she was used to getting what she wanted then she would know what works and what doesn’t. However, since she has been doing the same old thing all the time, then she won’t know how to make her company stand out from the rest. The solution to this conundrum will be for her to learn new ways to seduce men. She should take a good look at how other women are helping their lovers and see if she can imitate them.

Even, though what is a pro-domme might sound like the kind of thing that is left over from a Saturday night special or something that is just too embarrassing to say, it really isn’t. All women want to make their man feel special and there are plenty of ways to do that. A good place to start looking is on the internet. There are plenty of sites that will allow you to see what other women are doing when they are trying to make their husbands or boyfriends feel special.