Well, I think it’s pretty simple. First off all, you should understand that being a home (or “Duo”) doesn’t necessarily mean being a nasty woman. There are plenty of nice and caring men out there. All you have to do is figure out how to be one!

The way I talked was mostly in French but I tried my best to make it sound as authentic as possible. I wanted to come across as confident and commanding. I also wanted to sound like a girl I would want to sleep with on a regular basis. If you follow these tips, you should find yourself speaking like a lady almost every day.

The biggest mistake most guys make when they want to learn how to talk like a domme is using “I” too much. The problem with using “I” too much is that it makes you seem conceited and arrogant. This isn’t a good impression to leave behind when you’re with a woman. You should instead use “you” and “your”.

Another thing I did well was using “I” a lot when I complimented her. When you are trying to learn how to talk like a domme, this is crucial. Women love when a guy takes the initiative and starts a conversation with them. However, when you first meet her, initiate a conversation! By giving her your card and opening the conversation, she’ll be much more comfortable with you.

A great way to show respect is with your posture. Always remember to keep your shoulders back and don’t cross your legs. When you do this the way I mentioned above, you give the impression that you are self-conscious about your body. In fact, if you can pull it off well, you might even end up getting her to laugh at how bad your posture is.

The way how to talk like a domme should also include eye contact. You should look her straight in the eye while talking. She should be able to feel your eyes on her and your thoughts. If you stare at her or don’t make eye contact, she will be very turned off.

One of the most powerful things you can do when talking to a woman is to always be interested in what she’s saying. Ask questions. Keep things interesting. Don’t bore her to death by asking her the same question over again. This will only bore her to death and she will resent you. Instead, ask something different and interesting.

Being yourself is the best way to learn how to talk like a domme. If you act like a guy or a girl naturally, then you will sound natural. You’ll also sound confident. Confidence turns women on.

Spend a lot of time getting to know your partner before trying to impress her with your talking skills. Ask her out for dinner. Go on dates. Get to know each other intimately. You’ll soon realize that she’ll be more than happy to tell you everything she knows about herself.

Use compliments in your conversation. Women love to hear nice comments about themselves. Compliments are always welcome and appreciated. Compliment her on something that you admire about her. Use compliments in the correct way though, because it can make her think that you find her more attractive if you compliment her in that way.

When talking to girls online, always make it a point to be honest. Honesty is the best way to make a lasting impression. Tell her your truth and make sure that she’s heard you the whole way through. She’ll be impressed by your honesty and that will make her want to hang around you for a much longer time.

You now have all the answers to the questions of how to talk like a domme. Women love a guy who is honest and sincere. So make the most of that. Start talking like a true male now.