Mistress Sounding Her Sub – Urethral Play


For those of you that dont know what sounding is, heres a quick insight for ya! Is a form of urethral play which involves sticking something into your pee hole. Sounding can be done on both men and women and is very erotic if done right…Plus you can sound by yourself!

Urethral play can be dangerous and sometimes after sounding you’ll find it might burn when you pee. Usually stops burning after a day or so and you’ll get used to it!

If sounding “sounds” right up your street, then by all means try it out. Please make sure you use some water based lubricant and clean professionally made sounds.

Back to the matter in hand. Checkout this urethral play video that demonstrates sounding properly, featuring a hot British mistress and her sub! Enjoy ;-)


Mistress Gives Serious Cock And Ball Torture

Does your mistress dish out serious cock and ball torture like this? If you like to be dominated and abused by your mistress, you’ll probably like this video! I so love the sight of blood, but lets hope this sub has had a tetanus injection recently otherwise they might fall off!


CBT – Cock And Ball Torture

Cock and ball torture is something that 99% of the male population would cringe at, but there are some men that enjoy CBT. Checkout these photo galleries of severe cock and ball torture! Mistresses…make note of this because there are so many ways to dispense CBT to your subs!

Thankfully, I love a bit of CBT, so there’s no cringe from me! Not too struck on the needles though, but I am a gimp…err, oops…Wimp!


Mistress Gives An Anal Medical Examination

If you’re a sub and you like it hard, then maybe you might want to suggest this to your mistress. Anal fisting, prostate massage, power tools… You name it, this mistress will deliver…HARD!

You can tell this pathetic subby likes every minute of it, even though there is a bit of pain. I did enjoy the part where he really wanted to wank himself off and cum, but mistress wouldn’t let him. Love it. If you’re going to do something, don’t half step…Do it properly!


Pro Domme Mistress Abusing Her Position

So, as a pro domme mistress, have you ever abused your position and taken your sub to new extremes? Just take a look at this mistress totally abusing her pathetic little sub and totally loving the fact she is hurting him! Poor boy should have done what he was asked…

From my perspective though, I do enjoy watching a bodybuilder type of guy suffer in agonising pain while he is being caned!


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